I am the actual founder of East Valley Oils. I started using CBD when my pain doc cut me off of the meds I had been on for years. I searched out natural pain relief for Arthritis & Neuritis.I came across CBD & have been using CBD Oil and Pain cream alone for my pain since September of 2017. My whole body feels soooo much better. 

 Flash forward to about a month ago. My husband and I rescued a Schnoodle from a shelter in October of 2018. A couple of months ago, we realized she had a white spot on her tongue. It started getting bigger and another started. My husband researches everything and found that it is a viral fungus infection and there really is no cure. I had made a vet appointment for her, but wondered what are they going to do? Charge me nearly $100, put her on an antibiotic which won't help really. It hit me that CBD is also anti-fungal. I started her on CBD oil. After nearly a month of daily CBD oil (which she loves by the way, she licks right out of syringe, lol),the spots were completely GONE. I couldn't believe it, but then again if it works for my pain, shakes and other symptoms, why am I so surprised it worked for my Daisy girl. 

CBD is truly amazing natural medicine and we are here to help you start your EVO~lutinary Healing. THX for visiting.